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British sportswear brand A Star is launching a new collection of high-performance skiwear and sports clothing. We offer a range of high quality fabrics including our Matt Lycra and Microtex fabrics which are both made in Italy.

Our Microtex fabric, with a pilling resistant layer, is a brushed thermal fabric that allows perfect regulation of body temperature. We have worked hard to source a fabric that will work with you as you exercise, it has a two way stretch and shape retention properties that increase the longevity of wear. Along with excellent UV protection for outdoor sports, Microtex is bacteriostatic meaning it prevents the proliferation of bacteria during use making it perfect for Cycling, Running, Skiing, Cross-Country skiing, Mountaineering, Motorcycling, Sailing and many more.

Our Matt Lycra fabric, having been awarded the prestigious LYCRA® SPORT certificate, ensures extra stretch and perfect shape recovery for an extreme freedom of movement. The use of the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre makes this fabric extremely long-lasting, ideal for activities such as dance, fitness classes, running, cycling, skiing, skating and much more. The breathable nature of the fabric absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation whilst the elasticity moulds to the shape of the body without being constricting.

About Body Barrier

These innovative base layer tops in particular are designed to work both as under and outer wear – perfect for many sporting activities.

This range compliments the current choice of base layers offered to all sports to keep muscles warm during high intensity performance.

If you take part in a different sport or hobby and would like Body Barrier kit, please get in touch us to tailor it to your needs.

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