Body Barrier Sports Base Layers – Kit Review

Alf from Ski Club GB has reviewed our sports base layers and here is what he had to say..

“Body Barrier is a new British company producing high performance base layers which, they claim, offer ‘extra insulation and thermal protection… due to the use of a ‘brushed’ techno-fabric’.

Said ‘techno-fabric’ is in fact a two-way stretch Lycra which has undergone a brushing treatment on the inside to increase the level of thermal insulation it offers – and it has to be said that it feels really nice against the skin, both soft and almost cushioning.

The material also has excellent wicking properties, and the Lycra content results in a tight, figure-hugging fit which will appeal to some and not to others. It’s also worth noting that if you’re using it in warm, sunny weather, this base layer will provide UV protection, whilst in very cold weather the long cut means you can also pull it down over your bum for a little extra insulation on cold chairs.”
Read the full review here

Body Barrier Sports Base Layers



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